MC's Street Style Photographer Recaps New York Fashion Week

For the past several seasons of Fashion Weeks across the globe, we've had the pleasure of working with Karl-Edwin Guerre, our street style photographer. Guerre, as he's known, captures style like no other (if we do say so ourselves). From vivid detail shots of a bangle-clad arm holding a chic Chanel clutch to a throng of fashion-forward women in motion, running in heels on their way to a show, he inspires us and our readers alike.

Guerre has just wrapped up eight days of shooting New York Fashion Week street style and is already snapping his way through London. (He'll also be documenting the off-runway style during Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.) But before he crossed the pond, I managed to grab him for a few minutes to do a little post-mortem on all things New York.

We recounted the ridiculous weather, reviewed the far-more ridiculous clothes, and recapped just what it takes to get noticed inside Guerre's camera lens.

This season, Fashion Week was met with high winds, a record-setting blizzard, and many rainy days. Was this one for the books?

I've been shooting the fashion weeks for four years, and this certainly was one to remember. It had a bit of everything — snow, rain, and beautiful weather. In terms of how bad, let's simply say I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as bad weather, just poorly dressed people.

What was it like, then, shooting on those "interesting" weather days?

I had a plastic cover for my camera and as long as that was protected, I was ready for whatever. If there were any surprises, it would have to be seeing some people wearing outfits that weren't weather-appropriate. Heels in snow, no coats, that kind of thing.

This week made us long for the easy, breezy days of September. Which Fashion Week month do you prefer — September or February?

I'm a warm weather kind of person. While winter allows you to add layers, I feel warmer weather allows a person to showcase fit and silhouettes more.

You've been shooting thousands of photos for us this week. What stands out so far? Any looks you loved or hated?

Among the things that I noticed were flannel shirts around the waist, hats, and mixing patterns is still on the upswing. In New York, I liked the knits — the heavier the better. What I didn't like were seeing florals in the dead of winter.

Now, we see the throngs of people outside the tents hoping to get snapped by your camera. What captures your attention?

For me, it's always about the details and seeing someone who does it effortlessly. I enjoy shooting people who seem to use style as an expression as to who they are. And hopefully who they are isn't offensive.

Any tips for street style newbies?

FInd out who you are before you start buying everything. It's easy to spot someone whose style doesn't fit. Play with colors that compliment you, not just because it's the "it" color of the season. And, finally, some style is best admired from afar. Stay away from it if it's not really for you.

Looking back at New York Fashion Week, how does the street style here compare to that in the other European cities you'll be shooting this month?

I think that the fashion scene in the four major cities mirror their cultural backgrounds. New York, being the youngest city, seems to take fashion less seriously. There's an element of fun in New York fashion and a hint of a rebellious spirit. London has a more vintage feel, something more formal, more classic and regulated. Milan to me is all about classic with flashes of the best of the modern world. Paris is all about simple, clean, refined, smooth lines, and effortless elegance.

We love New York, but which city are you most excited for?

I think Milan tends to be the city I look forward to the most — at least as of now!

Photo of Guerre by Tommy Ton.

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