Chic Kids on the Block: Diane von Furstenberg Collaborates with GapKids and BabyGap for Spring 2013

What will all the cool kids be wearing this year? Diane von Furstenberg is teaming up with GapKids and babyGap for Spring 2013 to release the most stylish children's collection to date.

From runway to homeroom, we have an idea about what the cool kids will be wearing this spring. In what might be the cutest collab of the season, Diane von Furstenberg— who has recently collaborated with Roxy and Target — is teaming up with Gap girls (newborn to age 14) for Spring 2013 to release the most stylish children's collection to date. Following a safari theme, the collection combines wild animal prints with Furstenberg's classic bold patterns, infusing her signature heart logos, and Gap/DVF graffiti. Furstenberg takes her iconic wrap dress and translates it into kid and tot-friendly shorts, leggings, vests and graphic tees that feature zebras, tigers, fauna, flora and exotic butterflies. Additionally, the collection extends to swimwear and accessories from espadrilles to sunhats.

The collection will be available in GapKids and babyGap, arriving to Gap stores worldwide on April 25th. Prices range from $20 - $150. We are sure that the kids wearing these adorable pieces will definitely be the ones to rule the playground this year.

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