Big Girls Don't Cry... But They Do Nap!

I'm saying yes to Yelo.

... and when they nap they do it in style. Or, at least Marie Claire Fashionistas do! I stopped by Yelo today, a new wellness center that's just a stone's throw from the office. After a 6am wake up call, a full day of meetings, an overflowing inbox and that little voicemail light continuously flashing on my phone this was exactly the spot to escape to - even if it was just a short time.

Yelo marks a new concept in wellness by offering sleep therapy and reflexology treatments in order to help us busy New Yorker's relax, recharge and find balance. And, that's just what I did. If you're in New York stop by for a nap in one of Yelo's private patented sleep therapy systems (pictured above) you can choose from a 20 minute nap for $15 up to a 40 minute nap for $24 or from a variety of reflexology treatments.

Now, I'm not talking about those naps you used to take - the ones followed by juice boxes and carrot sticks - these are big girl naps - complete with cashmere blankets, purified air and LED lights that simulate a gentle sunrise.

Check it out...

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