Welcome, Nordstrom Rack to the Internet!

It's about time.

You can thank Nordstrom for your next credit card statement shocker. The brand's discount sister, Nordstrom Rack announced that they launched an e-commerce site powered by Hautelook (another Nordstrom property). This means that during your lunch break you can score Nordstrom merch at 30-70% off with free shipping on all orders over $100. We'll pause for gasps. And, if you regularly shop at Hautelook or Nordstrom already, they now share one virtual cart making check out even easier. Plus, you don't need spend your Saturday driving around to every Nordstrom Rack in your area to find deals. Nordstrom found a way to bridge that gap, so shoppers can soon see if an item is in a store near them. Genius.

According to an online shopping poll conducted by PewResearch, "Two-thirds (66%) of online Americans say they have purchased a product online." Just this past holiday season, online shopping overtook brick-and-mortar stores for the first time ever. So, with online shopping becoming even more popular than ever, it makes sense that Nordstrom wants a piece of that pie. So what about online competition? In an interview with Geekwire, President Jamie Nordstrom said, "I think the competition is the Internet. You can buy merchandise that we sell in lots of places. We are focused on creating valuable experiences for customers." So get ready for the legendary customer service Nordstrom boasts in stores at every dot com they touch.

Visit NordstromRack.com to start shopping now.

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