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Happy early Valentine's Day!
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They're ridiculously good-looking. They could all be on the editorial staff of Mr. Porter. They know more about cuffs and pant breaks and layering than you do. They're the men of various TV shows/movies/fashion publications (the details aren't important), and they're here for your viewing pleasure. Happy early Valentine's Day!
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Right now, Eddie Redmayne is the Emma Stone of male celebrities. You can see why.

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LA Kings hockey player Jarret Stoll—AKA the reason to watch EPIX Presents Road to the NHL Stadium Series—is why God gave us hockey players. And put them in suits.
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Raise your hand if you'd steal every piece of clothing this guy is wearing and force them upon the man in your life. *everyone dislocates their shoulders*

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Real talk: The rest of Ryan Gosling makes up for that porn 'stache.

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Just a liiiitle closer, model David Gandy.

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Oh Benedict Cumberbatch. Like one MC staffer who is not me said, "The sound I made when I saw this photo is hugely inappropriate."

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And like another MC staffer who is not me said of Matt Bomer: "Can he be waiting in my kitchen when I get home?"

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That three-piece suit. That billow. That lavender coat. So glam.

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Model-slash-Olivia-Palermo-husband Johannes Huebl is the Platonic ideal of a blazer-wearer, no?

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Nick Jonas knows how to accessorize. And coordinate. And just generally look very appealing.

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What's that you were saying about a murse? Yeah, we've changed our tune, too.

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"See, Beppe? These are all the the women who've swiped right. Now you try," says this dude to the other dude outside the menswear shows in Florence.

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Fun fact: Oliver Cheshire is Pixie Lott's boyfriend. And he's a model, if you couldn't tell by that jawline.

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Channing Tatum in a three-piece suit: You never thought it would happen, but then it did, and it was glorious.

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Awwww, they're matching, down to the ribbon bow-tie.

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This bearded gent was spotted outside London's menswear fall 2015 shows. As far as we know, he did not, in fact, step off a catwalk. He just...looks like this. Every day. In real life. 

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