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How to Dress Like Victoria Beckham for Way Less Money

The most VB-like pieces for the most UN-VB-like prices.
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As of today, she's officially the most influential woman in fashion, so why not emulate Victoria Beckham? You'll always look hyper-polished, you could get dressed with the lights off and still emerge super-chic, plus *whispers* it's actually really easy to cop her style with stuff from the high street. That last reason's why, straight ahead, you'll find our edit of the most VB-like pieces for the most un-VB-like prices.
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VB-approved styling tip: Carry a structured bag as a clutch, pretend you're a walking lookbook. & Other Stories bag, $150; stories.com.
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This plus tight jeans plus heels equals what you'd wear for a flight before you snuck into the bathroom to change into monogrammed pajamas. Uniqlo blazer, $19.90; uniqlo.com.
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WWVBD? Get this tailored to hit right below the knee if it doesn't already. Zara faux leather skirt, $59.90; zara.com.
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Add a long skirt, preferably with a chain detail, and some high boots. Topshop ribbed sweater, $90; topshop.com.
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The best part is your shoes don't even matter... Mango flared jeans, $59.90; mango.com.
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Unless they're these. Zara platform heels with fringe, $139; zara.com.
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Remember when VB wore that girl-hot voluminous dress and people made puns like "in-tents?" Now it's your turn! H&M flounce dress, $79.95; hm.com.
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Orange isn't outside the realm of possibility—kindly do not question me—especially when it's in a trim, business-y silhouette. French Connection V-neck dress, $148; frenchconnection.com.
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Sometimes I think Victoria Beckham wears Hanes T-shirts underneath her fancy coats as a joke. You could do that too if you got this. COS long belted coat, $250; cosstores.com.
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Because when have you seen her outside without these? ASOS aviator sunglasses, $22.01; asos.com.
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