10 Very Serious, Very Important Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

*Okay so not really. But free money! Whee!
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Here's a thought for later as you, crouching on the floor, un-crumple receipts and curse yourself for not being one of those people who folds them up neatly and stores them in labeled, color-coded folders. (You have started your taxes, haven't you?) Gird yourself with the reward of these 10 splurge-y buys, ranging from very indulgent to I'm-blowing-it-all-because-I-dealt-with-the-IRS extravagant. Consider this and not jail the ultimate incentive to file on time.
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Buy it because it has pockets. Ugh, fine—and because "you could wear it forever." Vika Gazinskaya wool gown, $4,480; net-a-porter.com.
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It's not like you could walk much with these on, which means they'll last longer! Economical! Aquazurra suede sandals, $785; modaoperandi.com.
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To think about: the glamour. To push to the darkest recesses of your mind: the dry-cleaning bills. Vilshenko coat with fox fur collar, $2,715; modaoperandi.com.
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This is technically at least three bags in one (let Scott Schuman demonstrate), so, you know, value! Loewe puzzle bag, $2,690; openingceremony.us.
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How would it feel to own these? You try it, and report back. No. 21 beaded mules, $856.64; farfetch.com.
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This is like the jewelry version of a muselet. (You know, that wire thing that goes over the Champagne cork?) Which reminds me—you should get yourself a bottle (Veuve or better) too. Fallon gold pavé ring, $215; modaoperandi.com.
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Because a waterfall of diamonds cascading from your earlobe is just too poetic to pass up. Ileana Makri white gold and diamond earring, 3,615; net-a-porter.com.
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I would get this so I could be Napoleon for Halloween. Plus it's a band jacket, duh. Saint Laurent cropped blazer, $4,750; mytheresa.com.
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Go ahead. Solange would want you to have them. Shrimps x Sophia Webster faux fur sandals, $750; net-a-porter.com.
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Oh, so if I stuff my receipts into this thing, it counts as filing, right? 202 Factory aluminum bag, $240; openingceremony.us.
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