10 Mirrored Sunglasses for Saving Your Eyesight from All That Glinting Snow (Ugh)

And checking for pepper in your teeth.


Pronouncement: Mirrored lenses are the Rorschach test of sunglasses because, instead of hiding the wearer, they force the looker to confront himself. Here, 10 reflective frames for sidewalk psychoanalysis—or so your friend can see if her lipstick's bled.

Cutler & Gross

If Lolita became a sugar baby. 

$565, net-a-porter.com.

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Le Specs

Actually named "Lolita," these have been worn by Rihanna and Gigi Hadid.

$119, lespecs.com.

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Karen Walker

Pink and glossy, or Instagram's whole aesthetic.

$234, karenwalker.com.

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Cat-eyes in Pantone shade #IWantIt.

$295, krewe.com.

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Suzanne Koller *so* would.

$145, paredeyewear.com.

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With the younger Kardashians' "vintage '90s" vibe, would you be surprised to know Kylie Jenner owns these?

$60, quayaustralia.com.

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In colorway "Champagne crystal," two of the best words in the English language. 

$170, raen.com.

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Sunday Somewhere

A classic shape with modern, quarter-life-crisis-inducing lenses.

$290, sundaysomewhere.com.

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Warby Parker

Snapchat filter IRL.

$195, warbyparker.com.

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Westward Leaning x Olivia Palermo

No bridge, no problem. 

$275, westwardleaning.com.

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