Proof the Gold-Dress Trick *Is* the Key to Winning an Oscar

Be the Academy Award you want to display in your bathroom.

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Just about every year, someone arrives on the red carpet in a metallic dress, and somebody else makes the usual crack about "does she actually think dressing like an Oscar will win her one?" and manifestation and how woo-woo these Hollywood types are. But could it be real? An intensive visual investigation featuring seven Best Actress nominees right this way.

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Meryl Streep

When: 1983 

For: Sophie's Choice

Comments: This is glitzy but also like a caftan, which is chill. Like an Oscar on vacation in Maui. And for those interested, her hot date is Don Gummer.

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But did she win?

She won!

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Cate Blanchett

When: 2005

For:  The Aviator

Comments: The sculpted bodice of her bespoke, butter-yellow Valentino does skew rather statuette-y, but this is more one of those instances where everything is super thought-out: You can clearly see the 1930s reference, which is also a reference to the movie. Clever!

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But did she win?

She won!

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Reese Witherspoon

When: 2006

For: Walk the Line

Comments: It might read twinklier in photos than IRL, but that could just be the patina on this vintage Christian Dior. Which actually makes it more statue-like, whoa. 

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But did she win?

She won!

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Marion Cotillard

When: 2008 

For:  La Vie en Rose

Comments: This mermaid-esque Jean Paul Gaultier is very sculpted, which in turn makes you think, "Wow, that little gold dude does have quite a sexy shape." (Don't think about it too much. Please.)

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But did she win?

Yes! She won!

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Sandra Bullock

When: 2010 

For:  The Blind Side

Comments: You can't un-think it, can you? This Marchesa is divine, though. (But also, who sees a film award and goes "Gee, that reminds me of my UNCLE?")

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But did she win?

She did! She won!

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Meryl Streep

When: 2012

For: The Iron Lady

Comments: The thing is, if you wear any other metallic shade and you're up for a win, they will make this comparison. Even if your gold lamé Lanvin is more Greco-Roman than Buff Relative.

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But did she win?


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Cate Blanchett

When: 2014

For: Blue Jasmine

Comments: The definition of statuesque in Armani Privé, jeez. 

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But did she win?

Yes! Look at that twirl.

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Alicia Vikander

When: 2016

For: The Danish Girl

Comments: Belle (as interpreted by Louis Vuitton) before Leslie Mann was Belle—or Emma Watson, for that matter—but the color is what does it. (Actually, maybe twirling is part of the voodoo here too, hmm.)

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But did she win?

You bet. 

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Emma Stone

When: 2017

For: La La Land

Comments: And in what might be the Oscar-iest cosplay yet, she dresses up in Givenchy couture, the fringe on which would make you weep.

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But did she win?

You know she did.

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