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12 Swimsuits for Every Body Concern (Though You've Really Got Nothing to Worry About)

Neoprene as extra self-assurance.

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Take one (1) body, add some sand to lay it on, and ta dah! Beach body, complete. But should you feel any lingering vestiges of too much hygge and too little HIIT, here are 12 swimsuits that are better than real-time Photoshop. (Hint: A little pretending-you're-J.Lo goes a long way too.)

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Dislikes Upper Arms Even No Matter How Many Pushups She Does

The sort of strong-shouldered fluttery look non-aquatic fashion also loves to distract from your least-favored limbs. 

$500, modaoperandi.com.

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Dislikes Her Arms Even More Strongly Than the First Girl

A cardigan? At the beach? Consider it a Vampire Weekend tribute *and* a surefire way to be the Only Girl. 

$595, net-a-porter.com.

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Dislikes Her Arms the Most but Into Her Collarbone

Another IRL-fashion-inspired lewk that emphasizes a body part most of us are weirdly proud of. 

Top, $125, lspace.com; bottoms, $84, lspace.com.

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Only Wears One-Pieces—Ever

Whatever reason your therapist gave you, this guy turns inside out to reveal a mega-fun print, so you get two in one. 

$268, lportswim.com.

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Still Coming to Terms with Having a Smaller Chest

Underwire and molded cups are your friends. 

Similar top, $78, solidandstriped.com; bottoms, $78, solidandstriped.com.

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Still Coming to Terms with Having a Larger Chest

Clever ruching balances your silhouette out while alluding to those long-lost days of poolside glamour. 

$295, heidiklein.com.

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Looks at Gisele's Legs and Sighs

Higher cut = more leg = visual effects. 

$200, aguabendita.com.

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Would Rather Not Be at the Beach, TBH

But the print says, "Fine, I'll go along with it even if I'm wearing a rash guard, which is more clothing than 89 percent of the other people here."

$290, info@coverswim.com to buy. 

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Thinks All Those Side-Planks Aren't Doing Anything for Her "Love Handles"

That's why we have waist-whittling color-blocking, darling. 

$273, korewear.com.

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Would Hold Inflatable Unicorn Over Her Stomach the Whole Day if That Weren't Weird

More sculpting illusions, more layering, less tummy. 

$300, leswim.it.

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Fears White

Don't worry—it's well-lined! Plus you could get a matching velour set ready for après-piscine. 

Swimsuit, $229, shop.roxanasalehoun.com; shorts and cardigan, $180, shop.roxanasalehoun.com.

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Can't Even Say "Bum" Around Her

Like the glammest mom finally went on the honeymoon she's been putting off for 15 years.

Top, $180, modaoperandi.com; bottoms, $190, modaoperandi.com; sarong, $295, modaoperandi.com.

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