Hip Cutouts Are the New Shoulder Cutouts

::does leg raises desperately::

Hipbones: To most of us, they're just there for bumping into corners when you misjudge how fast the turn's coming up. But to fashion, they are The New Erogenous Zone™, to be framed by the leg openings of your mesh leotard and the waistband of your dangerously low-slung pants. 😥 Ahead, seven occurrences of the burgeoning trend, including early adapters Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Because ready or not, it's coming.

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Louis Vuitton

Even with this first example, the dichotomy of the exposed hipbone is pretty obvious: A part of the body you don't normally see, which is like "Whoa." (Even if you're literally wearing a long, brown dress with long sleeves.) 

Bella Hadid

In comparison, here is Bella Hadid in a mind-boggling juxtaposition of hip sliver and athleisure and mesh and a turtleneck. Covered-up but not. Active but fashion-y.  

Kendall Jenner

And that's the Hip Cutout at it's best—when it's kind of nonsensical. Mesh seems a popular choice amongst the celeb set, but why not put a denim bandeau on too? 

Hervé Leger

Then you've got this more straightforwardly sexy look with such low-waist trousers they'd give anybody plumber bum. 

Cushnie et Ochs

As would this, except you're basically an evening swimsuit under there, so no worries about The Crack-en emerging.

Heron Preston

An urban wetsuit (with Keanu glasses) works too. 

Nina Ricci

However, if you're not keen baring your side-flesh wholly, there's this fashion fix: Swiss-dot tights worn underneath the one-piece and your trousers. Fishnets, the current darling of the stocking world, would work here too.

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