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Not Millennial, Just Good: 12 Buys for National Pink Day

It's not a phase.

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Some places have already called a time of death on millennial pink, but wait—isn't it just...a color? Whether you believe calling a rosy hue by any other name makes it any different from its non-feminist/gender-neutral form, here, shop 12 items in honor of National Pink Day (real).

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Does your medicine cabinet need a "Moisturizing Sorbet Cream?" Yes. Yes, it does—and not just for the Top Shelfie. 

Caudalie, $39

BUY IT: us.caudalie.com.


With marbled acetate and real gold hardware, this is an Italian villa you can wear on your face. 

Krewe, $315

BUY IT: krewe.com.


Checks all the basic-but-aren't-we-all boxes: bubbles, rosé, limited-edition. 

Chandon, $28

BUY IT: chandon.com.


Not sure, tho.

Lingua Franca, $360

BUY IT: net-a-porter.com.


On the other hand, so sure about this bucket bag we called it a new classic

Staud, $350

BUY IT: staud.clothing.com.


Aprons: They're not just for hanging in your kitchen because you can't even microwave popcorn without it exploding anymore. 

Rebecca Vallance, $510

BUY IT: net-a-porter.com.


Rolls like a dream, weighs itself, and won't get lost amongst all the dreary black/silver cases.

Raden, $295

BUY IT: raden.com.


On sale! On my mind for the past two years! 

Liudmila, $457

BUY IT: aere-store.com.


Everybody else has one that says "Daddy."

Harding Lane, $40

BUY IT: openingceremony.com.


Wear these until your earlobes droop, then you have to get fillers injected into them so you can wear these again until they don't lie flat anymore. Repeat.

Jennifer Behr, $450

BUY IT: modaoperandi.com.


Dreaming of living in this little linen playsuit all summer.

Sleeper, $220

BUY IT: the-sleeper.com.


Don't leave home without it. (Seriously—a silk eye mask makes tossing and turning on a plane the temperature of a meat locker so much nicer.) 

Slip, $45

BUY IT: sephora.com.

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