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Why Penelope Disick Is a Criminally Underrated Child Style Icon

A travesty that must be set right.

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Asked to name the youngest generation of the Kardashian-Jenners, you might go, "Easy. There's North and Saint and, um, Grand Marshal, maybe? Oh, and that one who fell and got made into a meme?" You monster—that munchkin who got doored is Penelope Disick, who is perhaps, quietly, the greatest and chicest of them all. In honor of her birthday, the case for Penelope here.

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Some sheerness and patent boots make black on a toddler look not morbid. Also, accessorizing with a smoothie—need to start doing that. *Also* also, the cross-body bag memorandum does not apply to her.

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Another day, another juice. Another purse. A pink sweater. All very nice, very cute.

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Okay, North West hogs the spotlight, but can we just talk about the brilliant styling here on Penelope's part? Turning a scoop neck into an asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder one: brilliant.

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Who amongst would not go "AWWWW" over baby Vans? Especially when they're topped by a little cropped sweatsuit and swagger to rival Marion Kelly's?

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So good that it inspired a whole story on copping the styles of various small children. Still want this cascading ruffle thing for my next vacation (is it a skirt worn as a dress??), even though I doubt I'll be going anywhere as fabulous as Penelope.

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On a dude, this outfit would send you clear signals to stay away, lest he attempt to show you his SoundCloud. But on Penelope, this is adorable, right down to the pink Converse.

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An Annie-ish getup made Penelope Cool™ with double buns, TINY BOWIE BOOTS, and a curly-headed doll almost as big as her.

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Love a trackie, love that she's done the Céline mismatched-shoe trick with fur slides even more. It's called fashion—look it up.

Shop similar: Urban Outfitters slides, $15; urbanoutfitters.com.

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She's four going on five but already has the perfect denim jacket sorted.

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A girl who already knows that a big-cat print never goes out of style.

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