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What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About You

What your go-to cocktail reveals about your personality.
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Champagne Cocktail "A young lady ordering a champagne cocktail conjures up visions of a timeless and elegant Audrey Hepburn—classic, elegant, sophisticated, perhaps with a touch of whimsy, wearing a great tiny black cocktail dress. But a Kir Royale has unfortunately evolved into sweetening up some inexpensive sparkling wine with Chambord. That's for some gal straight after a roller derby match."

Manhattan "You are Gary Cooper, handsome, confident yet down to earth—think pride of the Yankees. Stick to rye in the North, and never in the summertime!"

Dark & Stormy "Dark and stormy might say you're a prepster on holiday who grew up on the Upper East Side, or perhaps Greenwich, CT. You might even know Malcom Gosling himself or perhaps Shep and Ian from Vineyard Vines. Shunned in some bars but accepted in my church."

Vesper "Vesper might suggest that you have a Bond-like elegance and sophistication, but be careful because more than two and your likely to end up at the Bellagio paying for a lot of roses."

Sidecar "Sidecar says you appreciate a good drink and quality. But please refrain from the sugar rim unless you are a young lady under 27."

Sazerac "Sazerac. Now you're talking. You know your cocktails, your drink history, and you're willing to take a risk. If you order it with cognac, you're a guy who really knows your drink history. Although rye is great—maybe even Michter's."

Old Fashioned "An old fashioned is a wonderful classic and says you appreciate a good cocktail—as long as the bar is not six deep. One has to be careful because it can evoke images of some old farts after a bingo game, however it has caught on with some modern day bon vivants."

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