This Happened: McDonald's Debuts Chocolate-Covered French Fries


McDonald's Japan

Following a run of madcap menu items like burgers on silver buns and even massive 48-piece chicken nugget buckets, McDonald's is debuting chocolate-covered fries.

The savory-sweet combo is launching in Japan at the end of the month and, according to Rocket News 24, includes a drizzle of white and milk chocolates. The so-called McChocolate Potatoes are available after 10:30 a.m. as their own side for 330 yen (about $2.80) or you can upgrade the fries in your meal for 60 yen (about 50 cents). 

If you ask us, this idea is kind of genius. It's like chocolate-covered potato chips or even chocolate-dipped pretzels: crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet. But don't get your hopes up for their debut at McDonald's locations in the U.S.—these cocoa spuds will only be sold in Japan for a limited time. Though if customers go totally berserk for McChocolate Potatoes, maybe the company will reconsider the limited offering (and hopefully the name, too).

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