A Pizza ATM Exists, Because the World is a Beautiful Place

Let there be pepperoni.

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Pizza is one of those magical foods that everyone seems love. It brings people together. It could probably solve international disputes, if we gave it the chance.


Xavier University in Cincinnati clearly understands the power of pizza because the school just installed a pizza ATM in one of its student residences, according to Brit + Co. Late night cramming just got a lot better (and tastier).

The pizza ATM was installed in student residence Fenwick Place and it offers 24/7 access to fresh, delicious pizza. How does it work? You select the kind of pizza you want, then the machine heats it for you in a convection oven before dropping it into a box for you (because obviously the pizza ATM knows people are very busy and need their food to-go).

Xavier's women's soccer team had the honor of eating the very first ATM pizzas and we're officially jealous. As for the pizza itself, it looks pretty darn good, considering it was made on the spot by a machine.

It's not perfect, but it is, as Xavier Dining said it their tweet about the innovative installation, "one giant leap for pizza kind."

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