3 Healthy Holiday Cocktails You'll Actually Want to Make

Fewer calories = another reason to grab seconds on dessert, right?

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Made from fresh organic ingredients like calming ginger, detoxifying cucumbers, and farmer's market berries, these cocktails are a guilt-free way to enjoy your holiday libations AKA get your drink on AKA have all the reasons to get more dessert.

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1 Farmer's Market Martini

Four ingredients. One tasty drink. 


35 ml Gin

3-4 Raspberries

10 ml Lime Juice

125 ml Belvoir Elderflower Presse


Mix in a glass with cubed ice; garnish with raspberries and a lime wedge.

2 The Ginger Spice Calmer

This refreshing drink features ginger, mint, and lime—perfect alongside a slice of apple pie.


2 Lime Wedges

5 Mint Leaves

1/2 fl oz Belvoir Ginger beer

1.5 fl oz White Rum

1.5 fl oz Apple Juice


Mix in a highball glass with cubed ice; garnish with fresh or candied ginger.

3 Cucumber and Mint Tumbler

Eggnog, meet your new competition for Official Holiday Drink—this one features a delicious apricot brandy perfect for sipping by the fire.


4 oz Belvoir organic Cucumber and Mint Lemonade

1 oz Sloe Gin

1 oz Apricot Brandy

1/2 oz Lime Juice

1/2 oz Sugar Syrup


Mix in a glass with cubed ice; garnish with a mint sprig.

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