5 Easy-to-Drink Session Beers for Summer

AKA brews with lower alcohol content and all of the flavor.

Session beers—beers with lower alcohol content—are perfect for day drinking at the beach, a music festival, wherever. Cayla Marvil, cofounder of Lamplighter Brewing Co., a microbrewery and taproom in Cambridge, Massachusetts, gives us the scoop on which ones to sip.

1. Allagash Hoppy Table Beer (4.8% ABV)

What it tastes like: "A mildly hoppy ale with a clean finish."

When you'll drink it: "An out- door dinner party with friends—it's approachable, easy-drinking, and complementary with just about any food."

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2. Lost Nation Brewing Gose (4.5% ABV)

What it tastes like: "A traditional German-style sour beer brewed with salt and coriander."

When you'll drink it: "At the beach. The salinity in the beer complements the ocean, and the light body and tartness are refreshing on a hot day."

3. Grimm Present Perfect (4% ABV)

What it tastes like: "A Berliner weisse that's the ideal blend of fruity, oaky, and creamy."

When you'll drink it: "I'd drink this beer anywhere, anytime."

4. Lamplighter Sound & Vision (4.3% ABV)

What it tastes like: "A dry- hopped sour with satsuma citrus juice. It's fruity and tart, but still has a solid malt body."

When you'll drink it: "Best enjoyed while floating in a pool."

5. Fiddlehead Hodad Porter (5.5% ABV)

What it tastes like: "A porter brewed with chocolate, toasted coconut, and vanilla bean."

When you'll drink it: "Great for sipping by a bonfire. Bonus: It pairs perfectly with s'mores."

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