Angelina Jolie: "I Actually Love Being in Menopause"

She doesn't want to be young again, either.

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Angelina Jolie is going through menopause and enjoying the experience, the By the Sea director and actress disclosed during a recent interview. Speaking with The Telegraph, Angelina revealed (opens in new tab)recent surgeries she underwent to prevent cancer sparked early onset menopause.  

"I actually love being in menopause....I haven't had a terrible reaction to it, so I'm very fortunate. I feel older, and I feel settled being older," she said.  "I don't want to be young again."

Angelina's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died in 2007 after battling cancer for eight years. In 2013, Angelina underwent a preventative double mastectomy (opens in new tab) after discovering she had BRCA1, a gene which makes women susceptible to certain types of cancer. Earlier this year she also revealed she had surgery (opens in new tab) to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes after tests spotted possible early signs of cancer. 

Angelina said her character Vanessa in By the Sea, a film she directed (which also co-stars her husband Brad Pitt) about a couple's troubled marriage, was influenced by her own struggles to come to terms with the loss of her mother. Angelina said her mother was distraught when she was hospitalized and had to have her ovaries removed. 

"She was very upset, feeling like they were taking out the parts of her that were female," she remembers," Angelina told the publication. 

In the interview, she also reveals how she was able to find time to write a screenplay while juggling six kids.

"I wrote it in bed when they were asleep," she said. "Brad would be reading, and I would be writing. That would be the end of our days."

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