The Best And Worst Things About Being Single

Last was National Unmarried and Singles Week. I've spent a lot of time admitting all of the stupid things I've done that have left me single. But today, even if it's only for a day, I will stand up and be proud of my singleness.

Here are my favorite things about being single:

It's cheap. Sadly, I don't have enough money to even go on that many dates in this city. For example, my good friend

goes out to dinner every week and has also been on a few vacations this

past summer with his girlfriend. That has got to add up to at least

$5,000 that I don't have.

TV Control. I am so set in my

TV viewing: Sports, History Channel, Discovery Channel, stupid '80's

anything, and so on. If some girl came over all the time and attempted

to commandeer the remote (and if she was sweet and cute I'd have to

give in), I'd be pretty sad.

No Responsibility. I am not

required to be anywhere on behalf of a girl. Again, my friend who goes

out to dinner every week? He had a calendar he kept with his girlfriend

all summer of the activities they did together. I don't have to keep an

organized schedule or pick up some girl's parents at the airport, or sit through the sister's boring musical.

My Head is allowed to be on a swivel.
I can go out and talk to any girl I want. I'm still enjoying "playing

the field" and meeting lots of girls. Nothing ever works out, but oh


No Structure. Luckily I don't have girls coming over on a consistent basis, so I don't have to keep my apartment in tip top shape or even comb my hair.

Having hope and the thrill of the chase.
It's exhilarating to have hope in eventually dating after I meet a cool

girl and it's fun to give it a shot and chase, whether I fail or


Self improvement. One of the best things you

can do while you're single-even if you're unhappily single-is work on

yourself. You can try new things, go new places, develop talents and

network and try to grow professionally. When you are in a partnership

with someone else, you can still improve, but it's not so easy to focus

on yourself 110%.

Well, I couldn't let this go without saying some bad things about being single. Here you go:

I'm still without a clue.
It would be nice to have someone there who was actually good little

things I suck at: getting my collar to stay down, keeping my clothes

unwrinkled, managing my money, decorating the apartment...whoa I suck at a lot of stuff!

Slow Dances At Weddings.
I am always the single guy among my friends at a wedding. When those

slow songs kick in, and everyone couples off, I have no one. So I go

hide (and drown my sorrows) at the bar.

Holidays. Yes, I

get all caught up in the holidays. It gets chilly, people get happy and

I want someone to be close to. The holidays in NYC are very romantic.

Not to mention, at this point, my family probably thinks I'm gay

because I never bring any girls home for the holidays.

Down Time. I know I harp on how I love controlling my own time and having no responsibility but once in a while it would be nice to know that someone is always there if I want to spend some down time with them.

Creative dating. I love thinking of fun things to do and cool places to visit with a

girl. There are so many interesting things that are made more fun with

a girl...from camping to cooking. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone to make happy.

Someone to hold. It's more fun watching a scary movie with a special girl. I love

listening to storms and rain outside, but it would be even better with

a girl I was really into.

The bottom line is that there is

green grass on either side of the single or not single fence. My

friends with girlfriends and wives are jealous of my freedom, and I'm

jealous of their great relationships. The key to remaining happy

whether you're single or not is to celebrate the great things about

being single or not single. And, try to be happy no matter what

situation you're in because chances are you'll be on the other side of

the fence at some point.

What would you say are your favorite and least favorite things about single life?

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