Women's Biggest Pet Peeves About Men

A World View

man and woman sparring
(Image credit: B2M Productions)

Women of the world share their biggest pet peeves about their male compatriots - and we didn't spare the Americans! Read it and weep - or howl.

37% of CHINESE men hack and spit in public.

In India, peeing is a problem: Public urination has become so ubiquitous, men in NEW DELHI face fines of 1000 rupees (about $22) for whizzing in plain view.

96% of JAPANESE women polled in a recent survey complained about their men's addictions to phone sex. 88% hated being asked to shave their pubic hair.

70% of COSTA RICAN men have problems with premature ejaculation. Sex is usually over in two to three minutes.

57% of those who seek treatment for pathological gambling in ENGLAND are men.

70% of VIETNAMESE men smoke regularly - compared with only 5% of women - says the World Health Organization. It's the highest rate of lighting up for guys anywhere in the world.

THAI women tend to prefer Western men: According to the National Economic and Social Development Board, Thai men cheat, gamble, and drink too much.

33% of BRITISH men take condoms on vacation - shocking only when compared with the 50% who remember to pack Band-Aids.