4 New Ways to Move on From Divorce

With these unorthodox options, splitting up — and dealing with divorce — doesn't have to be a downer.

Divorce registries: A store in the U.K. called Debenhams offers "divorce registries," where preselected gifts (dishes, linens, flat-screen televisions) are sold and delivered to the newly single.

Divorce ceremonies: In Tokyo, unhappy couples flock to the Divorce Mansion (a small rented room in a secret location) to smash their wedding rings with a mallet in front of family and friends.

Fireworks displays: The Great Northern Firework Company in England will set off a theatrical display of fireworks for just-divorced folks spelling out messages like "Free at last!" and "Just divorced!"

Networking events: "Life After Divorce" is a $40 NYC-based event for women in the throes of a divorce where they drink cocktails named "Alimony" and "Settlement" and mingle with matchmakers, nutritionists, psychics, and divorce lawyers.