The 10 Most Romantic On-Screen Kisses

Because we like to live vicariously through movie stars, duh.
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1. Lady and the Tramp

2. Romeo and Juliet

3. Spiderman

[image id='9c52c4fe-b06e-42ca-b609-32b6e646ed52' mediaId='112eb56a-2939-4289-b498-1fcb0d26dbfc' loc='C'][/image]

4. The Notebook

[image id='37c47ab9-c4c2-4268-8ed7-90498f756039' mediaId='a0822cf3-ead8-4541-9b9f-174670d94de3' loc='C'][/image]

5. Titanic

6. Dirty Dancing

[image id='38ed0701-cc8f-4116-9b8a-5b0f120dff57' mediaId='11880934-7fea-4b9d-81c2-4b9bd58e5b76' loc='C'][/image]

7. Sixteen Candles

8. One Fine Day

[image id='4ba99d07-f927-48b6-af1c-9e0a21c0cab3' mediaId='c415ee65-b219-48ce-a975-88ad0a64de4d' loc='C'][/image]

9. Now and Then

10. When Harry Met Sally

[image id='e269ef1b-4d8e-4264-9ab3-26de6039e333' mediaId='bdcea2a7-4edb-4e2a-a9f7-938fbe3e1651' loc='C'][/image]

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