Study Reports One-Third of Adults Suffer from Sex Injuries

Find out the most common ailments and most dangerous locations to do the deed.

Apparently, there's more to safe sex than contraception.

According to a study reported by the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph, nearly one-third of the adult population has suffered an injury during sex.

Of those who experienced such injuries, 40 percent only noticed the ailment the morning after, five percent had to take time off work, and two percent were left with broken bones.

The most common injury?

A pulled muscle, followed closely by injured backs, carpet burns, and cricked necks. Other injuries to make the short list included bruised shoulders, twisted knees, sprained wrists and ankles, and fingers bent too far back.

The most dangerous location for these trysts is the couch. The survey, which was conducted in England, also included stairs, cars, showers, kitchen tables, and gardens as highly unsafe sex spots. (Office cupboards even made the list, as did the seemingly safe — and oft-used — bedroom.)

A spokesman for the website that commissioned the poll said that "sex is a risky business" and was surprised by the findings.

"There are numerous hazards in and around the home, which can inflict severe injuries if people aren't careful," the spokesperson said. "We were amazed to find out that even the bedroom can prove a hazardous location for certain people. Our advice would be to remove any dangerous objects well before you plan to start making love and take care while in the act."

And those dangerous objects the survey lists include wineglasses, vases, bed frames, and dressers. Ouch.

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