How to Go on Better Dates in Your City

Ever wonder if you might dominate the dating scene if only you lived in a different city?

HowAboutWe, an "offline" dating site that connects members based on date ideas, has analyzed more than a million date suggestions in 25 key cities since 2010, and today they unearthed some very intriguing trends that might actually help make the dating game a bit easier to win.

Some of the facts were pretty obvious. For instance, to my fellow New Yorkers, it won't be at all surprising that the city was the top destination for dates involving booze or a cultural activity, like a limited-run exhibit or a hot new art installation.

However, a few things did surprise me. My hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, for instance, led the nation in educational dates. The midwestern town has 40 percent more dates that involve learning something new — cooking classes or salsa dancing lessons — than the national average. (I was also proud to see that Busch Stadium was the No. 1 date spot followed closely by the quirky-cool City Museum.)

Some other interesting finds:

  • Singles on the west coast are more into meeting up for breakfast or brunch. For those out east, it's all about dessert.
  • 62 percent of all dates involve alcohol. If vodka is your brand of choice, consider relocating to Portland, where there are 10 times more vodka requests than anywhere else in the nation.
  • Also popular in Portland? Food trucks! More than any other city, food on the move accounts for almost 24 percent of dates there.
  • If you are single and have a fear of heights, Seattle might not be a smart move. The most popular date there is rock climbing.
  • Board games top the list in many cities, including Austin and Orlando. Break out the Connect Four!
  • Vegetarians should dine out in Las Vegas. Who knew Sin City would beat out the likes of L.A. for vegan-friendly fare?
  • Another surprise: Bakers should open up shop in Michigan. Detroit residents most often go for cupcakes, and they do so more than any city on the map.
  • Volunteering dates get a high-than-average response rate, and they spike in popularity during the winter months.

    Click around on the map above and see what your city has to say for itself.

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