Dare I Say This 'My Little Pony' Glitter Mask Is Good—Neigh, Great!

Welcome to my Instagram #content for the next six months.

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The Internet Is Shading Kim Kardashian's New "Cheetos" Orange Concealer

"TF we supposed to do with that orange-ass setting powder?"

Meet the Female Reconstructive Surgeons Who Are, Quite Literally, Changing the World

In developing countries, female reconstructive surgeons are rare. SkinCeuticals is hoping to change that.

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Emma Stone Said IDGAF and Wore Pants to the Oscars

My actual response to Stone's outfit: "Wait, omg."

Actual Scientists Just Discovered the Reason Your Selfie Looks Terrible

Nope, there's never been a research project more representative of our time.

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Dear God, Someone Just Buzzed Bella Hadid's Ponytail in Half

It's like what we did to our Barbies when we were kids.

Nail Brows Are Here and We Are Not

Not to put too fine of a point on it.

Kylie Jenner Just Birthed Another Weather-Related Product

"I worked on this pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy."

Sophie Turner Reveals Everyone's Hair Is Fake on 'Game of Thrones'

"I could not count the amount of wigs we use on that show if I wanted to."

'Gym Kardashian' Is the New Viral Meme You Need to See

This is the only thing we want in life now.