Chloe Metzger

This Is the Weird Oil You’ve Seen Every Beauty Vlogger Drip on Their Face Lately

It's like an Instagram filter in a bottle.

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5 Ways Your Nail Polish Color Totally Changes How Your Hands Look

The ultimate color guide for every skin tone.

These 6 Brightening Products Get Rid of Acne Scars and Dark Marks *Fast*

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Please Gaze Upon These Creamy Caramel Hair Colors and Fall in Love

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Those Weird Spots on Your Face Could Actually Be Melasma

But don't freak—it's totally treatable.

The 12 Prettiest, Most-Protective Twisted Hairstyle Ideas to Copy Right Now

Be prepared to screenshot all of these.

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​We Relate to These Spiked Brows on a Deeply Personal Level​

Because can everyone just back the hell off right now?

We Can’t Stop Watching These Insanely Mesmerizing and Emotional Makeup Transformations

Literally the only thing making us happy right now.

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Eyelash Extensions—Explained

Do they *really* last that long?

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Yes, Your Face Needs a Toner, and Here's Which One You Should Be Using

Broken down by skin type and level of awesomeness.

Reddit Is Obsessed with This Two-Ingredient DIY Mask for Clear, Smooth Skin

Oompa Loompa to ooh la la in minutes.

12 Honestly Gorgeous Ways to Wear Hair Cuffs

Hi, we would like them all, please.

The Weird Reason Your Hair Sometimes Hurts

The pain is REAL.

The 6 Nail Color Trends We’re Obsessed With Right Now

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The 5 Most Insanely Useful Makeup Tricks for Transgender Women

If facial feminization is what you're after.

10 Super-Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Procrastinators

No cat whiskers here, folks.

The Internet Swears by These 5 Supplements for Perfect Skin, but Do They Really Work?

Smoother skin and zero acne is allegedly in your vitamin aisle.

The 5 Best of the Best Makeup Palettes Under $25

Color correctors, contour kits, strobing quads, oh, my!

3 Ways Not to Be a Culturally Appropriating Jerk This Halloween

Let's just, not? Shall we?

6 Ridiculously Simple Eyeshadow Tutorials Even You (Yes, You) Can Copy

If you can locate your eyelid, you can follow these how-tos.