The New No-Nonsense Manicure

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First, nails are cleaned and prepped for the gel application. Next, the specially formulated gel is brushed onto nails like nail polish. Nails then sit under UV light for a few minutes, as the gel cures and dries. These two steps are repeated twice.

Instead of chipping, the layer will separate from the nail and can be peeled off, channeling those days of peel-off nail polish from childhood. As for the removal process, an acetone-soaked cotton ball wrapped around fingers under tin foil will do it. The gel will then soften and can be wiped off.

Gelife is a great option for those who want the look of a great manicure or fake nails but don't want to go through the process and sometimes damaging effects of acrylic nails.

Gelife is currently available in clear, cool pink, warm pink or French. Current prices at U.S. Dashing Diva salons range from $45-$65 for a manicure and $60 for a pedicure. For Dashing Diva locations and for more information on Gelife, go to

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