7 Hair Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier This Summer


Let's face it: Summer is basically just one, long bad hair day. But it doesn't have to be that way. You just need the right accessories in your corner.

Here, find seven looks that don't just make life easy and keep frizziness at bay, but are also pretty damn cool, with or without incentive of the humidity variety.

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The Twin Rings

Ever since Cรฉline sent gold ring barrettes down the runway, they've slowly but surely been creeping into the mainstream. They may look intimidatingly chic, but the reality is that they're as easy to fasten as banana clips and look especially good doubled up. Use them to elevate the laziest of ponytails.

Nasty Gal Full Circle Hair Clip Set, $18; nastygal.com.

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Exposed Pins

During a recent red carpet appearance, K-Stew was back at it again with the badass beauty. Her standout accessory? The oversized bobby pins messily adorning her side-sweep. They not only tame flyaways in cool-girl fashion, but there's no right way to wear them. Free-styling is encouraged and size does not matter.

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The Puff Cuff

Curly girls, rejoice! You no longer have to settle for hair elastics that snap or hinder your volume. Meet the PuffCuff, a circular clamp with teeth that are designed to lock into your textureโ€”holding everything in place but "working with your hair instead of against it." And because there's no such thing as one size fits all for curls, it comes a variety of sizes. Game. Changer.

Editors' Note: This is vital if you're a fan of Rihanna's signature ringlet pile-on.

Puffcuff sizes and prices vary. Visit thepuffcuff.com for more info!

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The Bun Cuff

Speaking of cuffs, we hailed the hallmark piece of celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and jewelry brand Chloe + Isabel's collaboration, The Bun Cuff, the accessory that's going to make hair things go extinct. A super-sleek band you can clip on at the base of a bun or ponytail (and wear on your wrist too!), it comes complete with a U-shaped pin that sticks right through it and holds everything together. So, yeah, just let the compliments roll in...

Chloe + Isabel Bun Cuff, $45; chloeandisabel.com.

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Plank Barettes

Thanks to another offering from the Atkin-Chloe + Isabel collab, you can turn an effortless low ponytail into modern art *simply* by accessorizing it with an oversized barrette or two stacked on top of each other. And it won't just elevate your hair, but your entire look. Trust.

Chloe + Isabel Thin Plank Barette ($18) and Thick Plank Barette ($18); chloeandisabel.com.

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The Brony

Whether you're living that athleisure life or just straight-up want your hair out of your face, you can slick it back into a tight ponytail near the nape, then upgrade it at the base with a partial three-strand braid. Not only is it an edgy and unexpected touch, but you'll suffer less whiplash than you would with a standard braid ponytail.

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Hair Hoops

If your summer hair routine can best be described as braids for days, you'll be all here for mixing things up with these tiny, silver hoops you can fasten into your plaits. You can go more understated with a few here and there, or full-on punk rock with an entire braid-full.

Nasty Gal All 8-Pc Hair Ring Set, $15; nastygal.com.

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