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The 5 Best Makeup Tips for Transgender Women

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The 10 Best Mascaras Out There, Hands Down

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10 Hair Masks to Moisturize Your Mane This Winter

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5 Foolproof Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair

The struggle is *too* real.

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How Turning My Teeth Black Actually Made Them Whiter

It's dark magic. (But not really it's toothpaste.)

5 Beauty Hacks You've Never Heard of Before
Peanut shaving cream?
The No-Bullsh*t Way to Find Foundation That Matches

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7 Mistakes You're Making When You Blowdry Your Hair
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15 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Won't Believe

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9 Masks to Try Now

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The Pros and Cons of Every Kind of Eyeliner

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The Marie Claire Guide to Face Oils
Whether you think your skin feels like the surface of a lasagna or a square of Civil War-era hardtack, face oils are your answer.
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Game Over: I Found Literally the Best Mascara Ever

Long, curled, thick perfection. Oh, and it doesn't flake.