Super-Sweet Holiday Gifts for Couples

Got a couple of couples on your list? Or are you half of one? Either way, since this gift counts double, it may just be the trickiest one you'll buy this season. Here, our ideas for what'll make any duo happy.


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    AKG By Harman Wireless Headphones

    They often say that the best way to kill the mood is to have a TV in the bedroom. But, who are "they," anyway? For the 21st-century version of the odd couple — where one likes to go to bed early and read the classics while the other prefers staying up to catch every late-late night show on basic cable — these headphones sync up to the TV (or any Bluetooth-enabled device), so that you both will be in good moods. $300 at Harman Audio.
    Courtesy of Harman Audio
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