Dogs in Fashion: 11 Stylish Pups in The Workplace

If every office had a 'bring your dog to work' day, the world would surely be a happier place. We persuaded some of our fashion friends to share snaps—and some funny stories!—of their furry friends in the workplace!


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    Mayonnaise from Factory PR

    Mayonnaise from Factory PR, @mayolebulldog

    The best way to describe Mayo is with an inter-office email:

    "Mayo is on a tear this AM. Please make her terrorization of the office harder by picking up pens and other random supplies off the floor. So far she has been caught with 4 pens, a tape dispenser, a pair of hue tights, a Kipling monkey key chain, highlighter caps and the best… a piece of chewing gum. Oh and a bottle cap. Thanks guys!"

    Courtesy of Factory PR
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