Taylor Swift Is Literally *Too* Generous, Breaks the Internet with Latest Donation


We're just going to say it: Taylor Swift is a superhero. Aside from celebrating and supporting women, stopping bullies in their tracks, campaigning for musicians' rights, and showing us all the power of female friendship, she's also generous AF. And that generosity has sparked a major change in one of the biggest online donation platforms.

After hearing about a girl who had to miss her concert due to a cancer diagnosis, Swift donated $50,000 to her with a sweet message. The problem? She had to do it in four separate installments, as GoFundMe has a cap of $15,000 per donation. Until now.

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"Taylor Swift's donation was so generous that it required us to increase the donation limit on the platform," GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon announced in a blog post on the company's site. "What Ms. Swift has done for Naomi and others can inspire the next generation of giving."

Taylor Swift, may we all aspire to your level of badassery.

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