MC Cheatsheet: How to Wear Red, White, and Blue Without Looking Cheesy

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Katie: "Oh, so that's how you do the whole red, white, and blue ensemble without looking like a jackass." [Refinery29]

Jessica: "Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher? Love, love, love." [New York Observer]

Koryn: "Apparently some Britons feel that legalizing murder would enable the government to funnel crime-fighting funds to areas where they're more needed — now that's thinking-outside-the-box problem solving." [Daily Mail]

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Erin: "Kate Torgovnick brings up a good point: Why is the hair and makeup so fugs in The Twilight Saga?" [The Frisky]

Lauren: "An academic study on women and their gay best friends? Who put up the grant money, Mario Cantone?" [Slate]

Kate: "If you're on a diet, you better not exercise. Or watch action movies." [iVillage]

Anna: "A new machine shows guys what it's like to menstruate, complete with fake blood and lower-abdomen stimulators. But where's the chocolate-craving activator? (Also, why?!)" [BoingBoing]

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