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I'm one of those people
who has to carry my life around with me in my bag -- iPod, sunglasses, three
packs of gum, magazine, tissues, flyers, name a few. It's only natural
that I lug my big makeup bag with me everywhere too (it seriously has to weigh
5 lbs on its own). Not that I wear a lot of makeup everyday, but you never know
when you're plans get suddenly rearranged after work and you find yourself
trekking down to Brooklyn for a show.

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I'm reforming my ways,
especially for times when that big hobo bag just doesn't go with a cute outfit
for a date. When I have to downgrade on space by switching to my clutch, it
breaks my heart to have to sort through products and just pick out the bare
essentials. After doing this countless times though, I realized most of the makeup
is just my safety blanket - I don't need it, but it feels good to know that
it's there. I finally found that I probably reapply only once after dinner, and
have come up with my 3 products must-haves: TheBalm concealer for quick touch
ups, a nude gloss (like Maybelline Lip Polish in Nude Flash), and Boscia Rose
Blotting Linens which helps to absorb oil and shine. In a weird way, knowing
that I don't have as many things to fiddle with in my bag helps me enjoy my
night more.

What are your beauty
staples for a date?

What do you think?