12 Fashion Brands to Buy Now Before They Blow Up

Cool stuff, bragging rights—it's a win all around.

Cool stuff, bragging rights—it's a win all around.

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Courtesy of Alyssa Less
Alyssa Less

Who: Alyssa Lesser

What: Party pants (and skirts and jackets) with details like 3D embossing, embroidery, and metallic leather appliqués

Why: Party pants!!

Where: alyssaless.com

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Courtesy of Area

Who: Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk

What: Slinky slip dresses, intensely personal references to clothes loved and lost, and those ruffle sleeves

Why: TBH, you'll be catching them at the beginning of their rise, which will probably be meteoric given how wearable and special everything is.

Where: area.nyc

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Courtesy of Beaufille

Who: Sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon

What: Clothes and accessories that are strong but feminine but masculine but pretty

Why: You could wear these pieces long after the lizard overlords have wrested control and still be chic.

Where: beaufille.com

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Courtesy of Candamill

Who: Siblings Cindy and Cristian Candamil

What: "New Mid-Century" bags

Why: An investment, yes, but one with high returns—and a high design/quality-to-price ratio.

Where: candamill.com

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Courtesy of Catherine Quin
Catherine Quin

Who: Catherine Quin

What: The sophisticated all-black wardrobe you would own if you could throw everything out and start over

Why: The next-best thing to throwing everything out and starting over is owning one of Quin's jumpsuits or tunics or sleek dresses

Where: catherinequin.com

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Courtesy of Côme

Who: Siblings Clémence and Matthieu Dru

What: Sportif (you can't call this athleisure), everyday clothes that 1) explore duality and 2) aren't everyday at all

Why: The glitter jelly jacket. The personalized jacket Léa Seydoux wore.

Where: come-editions.fr

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Courtesy of I Waited for You
I Waited for You

Who: Charleston Pacius and Melanese Reid

What: Besides the best brand name ever, the kind of flouncy, pajama-y separates you could totally see Leandra Medine (and yourself) wearing

Why: If you're ever like "I would have found my personal style by now if the clothes in my imagination existed IRL," look no further.

Where: iwaitedforyou.net

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Courtesy of Larissa Hadjio
Larissa Hadjio

Who: Larissa Hadjio

What: Clever bags with an off-kilter sense of humor

Why: Did you watch her on our Periscope? (That's okay, but you should really follow us @marieclaire.) Do you like clutches that are shaped like crabs and dogs but not in a cutesy or literal way? She's also got ready-to-wear launching soon, so watch out.

Where: larissahadjio.com

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Courtesy of Liudmila

Who: Najeeba Hayat

What: Shoes for "renaissance cowgirls" who majored in Russian literature and do Ballet Beautiful just for the outfits

Why: THE SHOES, WOMAN!! Do you want another pair of black pointy-toe pumps, or do you want to *dance?*

Where: liudmilafootwear.com

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Courtesy of Markoo

Who: Tania Martins and Mona Koochek

What: Clothes cool youths wear but even cooler

Why: Cover the model's face. Imagine your own face there. Almost *too* easy, right?

Where: markoostudios.com

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Courtesy of N12H

Who: Nerissa Lee

What: Prints and strong shapes for girls who travel/think about traveling to outer space

Why: It's only a matter of time before Taylor Swift snags one of the crop-top sets for herself.

Where: n12h.com

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Courtesy of Nikki Chasin
Nikki Chasin

Who: Nikki Chasin

What: Easy, playful sportswear that makes you look fun to be around and like you could go have adventures at any moment and smart (IDK how either, but it does)

Why: Don't you want to look smart?

Where: nikkichasin.com

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