To Buy or Not to Buy: 7 Analyses of 2017's Top Trends

Because shopping doesn't have to be risky business.


It sounds cool and adult-like, but why diversify your actual stock portfolio when you can diversify your *2017 wardrobe?* Ahead, we weigh in on the buy-ability of seven trends, just like those analysts who work for a certain "fake news" organization.

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1 Mules

Never enough. SARI again! @mprojectstore @official_teh @aereworld

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It won't feel wrong yet to keep wearing the woven or poppy suede ones you clomped around in all summer—as some of are right now on a fluke 60-degree day—but the new mules are more ostentatious than before, with fur trimming and brooches and their own personal tassel pulls. Yes, it can be a lot of look, but just like those Miu Miu chandelier slides get old, the right pair, even years from now, can hearken back to a specific, fabulous moment in time.

Buy-ability index: 7/10

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2 Stripes

I mean, duh. But less duh, we're seeing new and creative variations on the most obvious print, from doublewide to ultra thin to super-sequined to amusingly Oasis-y, zipper and all. So don't buy a T-shirt; buy the special-est stripes you can afford. 

Buy-ability index: 10/10 if the newness comes more from fabric or color, 9/10 if weird shape

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3 Platforms

This shoe is the equivalent of three shots of espresso and one pump of hazelnut syrup. You're welcome!!!

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Practically nobody wears stilettos anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't get a height boost elsewhere. Enter the platform, now more sculptural and *extra* than ever. Be on the lookout for a rainbow heel.

Buy-ability index: 6/10 (would be higher if less memorable)

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4 Pink

The Golden Globes settled it: Pink, as the chosen color of cool/strong/independent millennials everywhere, is here to stay. And while it has been on the rise for a while now, signs point to it becoming more of a movement than a fad. Plus nobody looks bad in it.

Buy-ability index: 9/10

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5 Massive Shoulders and Arms

Big sleeves: still huge. Big shoulders: even huger. Like airbags or built-in pool floaties, outward-extending shirts say "Here I am, darkening the saloon doorway like John Wayne before a shootout." 

Buy-ability index: 9/10 if you're trendy, 6.5/10 if you weren't into the Rachel Comey jeans, 11/10 if you're a nasty woman

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6 Creative Shirting

Button-downs on acid. No more Mr. Finance Guy.

Buy-ability index: 9/10, but lower than that if you're keen to DIY

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7 Ruffle-mania!

Thanks to your boy Alessandro Michele, fluttery strips of fabric stiff will soon overtake the world, and not just as a decoration for your striped shirt. Stiff or, um, flaccid? Up to you.

Buy-ability index: 8/10 for the highly recognizable H&M top kind, 5/10 for the wedding-cake kind

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