Chic Shorts for Every Size

Show some leg with the season's hottest shorts! MC's plus-size fashion diva Nicolette Mason picks her favorites, perfect for warm-weather fun.


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    In Brief

    When it comes to fashion, I'm not often intimidated by any particular piece of clothing. I have confidently worn all manner of garments generally considered no-nos for big girls: skinny jeans, rompers, pleated skirts—you name it, I've rocked it. I'm pretty open-minded about everything. Except for shorts. Let's face it: On fuller figures like mine, shorts tend to be unflattering and ill-fitting, riding up and gathering in the worst places (camel toe, anyone?). Is it any wonder that I rarely wear them?

    That said, I am nothing if not a slave to fashion, and shorts were all over the spring runways, from J.Crew to Jil Sander. So I've begun to rethink my anti-shorts stance. Thankfully, plus-size designers have finally wised up to the fit needs of curvy girls. I'm seeing more shorts that are longer, roomier, and tailored in sturdier fabrics (the better to withstand the very real and very uncomfortable chub rub).

    Dorothy Hong
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