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The 5 Most Insanely Useful Makeup Tricks for Transgender Women

If facial feminization is what you're after.

Behold: 185 Celebrities Without Makeup

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The Perfect Solution for Every Skin Problem You've Ever Had

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These Are the Exact Products You Need for the Glowiest Skin of Your Life

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9 Things Only Women with Sensitive Skin Understand

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34 Glorious Times Celebrities Let Us See Their Beauty Routines

Like when they decide to dye their underarm hair pink. As you do.

What Your Sign Says About Your Beauty Routine

Everything—and we do mean *everything*—is written in the stars.

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Skincare Myths, Busted
You haven't had a sunburn since high school, are an expert at layering antioxidants, and ditched the cigarettes. But when it comes to a…