Hot Weather Survival Guide

From sporty beach days to office picnics, beat the summer heat with these expert beauty tips for staying gorgeous wherever the season takes you.


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    Good Day Sunshine

    SUMMER SCENARIO: White sunscreen streaks are ruining your wardrobe.

    QUICK FIX: There's no getting around sun protection, but streak marks on tank tops and bikini bottoms can be a nightmare to wash out. For swimwear, designer Malia Mills suggests soaking suits in a warm, sudsy bath to remove sunscreen residue. "Use gentle soap — any mild cleanser that you would trust on your own skin is great," she says. The Laundress' Lindsey J. Boyd recommends washing clothes in "cold or lukewarm water and an enzyme-based, natural detergent to help release the chemicals in the sunscreen. If stains persist, soak and repeat the process."

    MC RECOMMENDS: The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar, $6; Cane+Austin Ultra Sheer Weightless Sunscreen Protect SPF 55, $38.

    Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D
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