Love & Sex Advice

Love & Sex Advice
20 Different Sex Positions You Must Try
At least once.
Love & Sex
Real Talk: Is Anal Bleaching for You?
The new breed of cosmetic surgeries.
couple in bed
Love & Sex
4 Sex Positions You Must Try!
What's Your Favorite Sex Position? Perhaps these will give you a helping hand.
Love & Sex
How I Planned a Threesome
Happy 40th birthday to this lucky, lucky guy.
Love & Sex
My Life as a Mail Order Bride
To escape poverty, one woman became a mail-order bride. She knew it wasn't true love, but she didn't expect a living hell.
Love & Sex
Tantric Sex Positions, Tips, and Advice
Ready for your best sex ever? Then check out these easy Tantra exercises to learn how to activate amazingly powerful mind-body connections...
Love & Sex
How to Talk Dirty
A beginner's guide to bedroom language.
Love & Sex
Why I Don't Want Guys to Go Down on Me
It's supposed to be the ultimate pleasure for women so what's my problem?
Love & Sex
30 Romantic First Date Ideas
Skip the dinner and a movie and get close with these unique date ideas.
Love & Sex
The Hottest Porn for Women on the Internet
All the best websites, right this way.
Love & Sex
Falling in Love with My Transgender Husband
When Marisa Carroll met an intriguing new guy at her local coffee shop, she had no idea that his life-changing journey would become hers,...
samantha jones and smith jarrod from sex and the city
Love & Sex
5 Ways to Have Better Sex
Your long-term relationship just hugged and kissed you.
two models in all white outfits
Love & Sex
Am I a Lesbian?
If I'd never questioned my own sexuality, how could I be sure I was straight?
Love & Sex
10 Ways to Ruin a First Date
Put this on your things-not-to-do list.
Love & Sex
Do Men Really Want the 'Cool Girl?'
It's ... complicated.
emma stone ryan gosling
Love & Sex
The 15 Emotional Stages of Being in a New Relationship
You didn't text me back so, obviously, you're dead.
Love & Sex
6 Signs He's About to Say I Love You
It's coming ...
couple hanging out
Love & Sex
It's Uncomplicated
After years of maintaining strict boundaries with her guy friends, one writer realized she might be sorta-kinda attracted to her male...
Love & Sex
The Pros and Cons of Breaking Up in a World Run By Social Media
Con: You will accidentally black out and "like" his 200th tagged picture, and he'll get the update to his computer. And his tablet. And his...
woman with pill
Love & Sex
Pleasure in a Pill?
Fourteen million American women struggle with a low sex drive, yet the FDA hasn't approved any medications to help them. Is sexism the...
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Love & Sex
15 Generosity Hacks for an Awesome Relationship
What have you done for them lately?
family stone
Love & Sex
Why Men Break Up With You Around the Holidays
You're in a relationship, then right before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, your boyfriend says, 'We need to talk.'
ashton kutcher demi moore
Love & Sex
There Is an Ideal Age Gap for a Lasting Marriage
Not surprisingly, it's pretty small.
ryan gosling feminist
Love & Sex
Why You Should Only Date Feminist Guys
Asking if he's a feminist is the best way to weed out the duds.
marilyn monroe quote
Love & Sex
15 Celebrity Breakup Quotes to Mend Your Shattered Heart
Might we suggest taking some sage moving on advice from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Cher, and, hell yes, Miley Cyrus?
Love & Sex
20 Crazy Thoughts Everyone Has Before a First Date
I'm going to be so cute and nice but also ~*mysterious*~ and sexy and so smart all at the same time. Easy, right?
Love & Sex
15 Relationship Things Guys Don't Care About
When we say, "I don't care where we eat," we mean it.
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