Jen Ortiz

Senior Editor

I'm a senior editor at Marie Claire where I edit culture—which means I get to watch TV at my desk and it's totally cool. Things I love: all things pop culture (lowbrow, really lowbrow, highbrow, Lena Headey's brows); Daria; Seinfeld reruns; funny women; personal essays; man buns; that scene in Clue where Madeline Kahn has a major freak-out; and soggy cereal. Things I loathe: the sound of an approaching ice cream truck.

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The Women of Congress Share Why They Almost Didn't Run for Office
"As someone who has led a fairly private life, I hesitated to share my personal story with the world. As an immigrant and refugee, I di…
Thinking of Running for Office? Here's How to Get Started

These five candidate training programs will help you become a seasoned political pro in no time.

The Women of Congress on Why Women Should Run for Office

Here's why we need women in office now more than ever.

How to Conquer Internet Trolls During Your Campaign

Brianna Wu, the woman at the center of the Gamergate scandal, shares how she overcame harassment from strangers.

Former First Lady Policy Director Krishanti Vignarajah on How to Stay Sane on the Campaign Trail

Michelle Obama's former policy director reveals her essentials while campaigning.

The Women of Congress Share Why They Ran for Office

"I'm grateful for models and mentors in my life who believed in me and challenged me to dream bigger dreams.”

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The Breakdown: Why Women are Running for Office

We surveyed over 700 women to uncover everything from what's motivating them to their biggest fears, and the results are fascinating.

The Women of Congress on What Life in Politics Is Really Like

You'll never guess who eats dark chocolate ice cream for breakfast.

How to Maintain a Strong Digital Presence on the Campaign Trail

You'll find the young voters on Snapchat and Instagram.

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How to Nail the Debate on the Campaign Trail

These four rules will have you dominating the stage.

Here's How to Deal with Press on the Campaign Trail

Avoid flubs, freak-outs, and media fails with the help of the reporters who know best.

The Women of Congress Share Their Best Advice on How to Be a Boss

"When someone sells you short, you have to ‘kill ‘em with competence."

How I Did It: Advice from Real Women Who Campaigned (and Won)

Insight into life on the campaign trail from the winners.

Julia Michaels Is the Songwriter Behind Your Favorite Pop Tunes—But Now She's Ready to Take the...

The mastermind of Bieber's "Sorry" and Selena's "Good for You" is starting to make her own waves.

Meet M. Night Shyamalan's New Star, 21-Year-Old Haley Lu Richardson

The 'Split' actress talks everything from NYE plans to her love of mac and cheese.

Your Holiday Dinner Party Survival Guide

Plus, Chef Katie Button's recipe for a no-fuss, fancy-looking dessert. You're welcome.

How the Secret Black Female NASA Engineers Are Finally Getting Their Due
Meet the stars of 'Hidden Figures', the space-race movie everyone's talking about—Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe—…
Meet the Women Who Love Death
Millennials are paranoid about their own demise. Enter "death positivity," a new female-driven trend aimed at turning that fear on its …
Inside Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep's Epic Trip to Liberia and Morocco

A chat with CNN's Isha Sesay about the documentary that's going to make you cry.

'Scream Queens' Actress Keke Palmer Shares Your Astrology Addiction

Let her explain.

Actress Jaz Sinclair on Playing One of the *Creepiest* Movie Villains We've Ever Seen

The 'When the Bough Breaks' star on tuning in to her dark side.