5 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Like You Got Zero Sleep Last Night

There is a such a thing as too much eyeliner.

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"Woah, you look really tired!" is never fun to hear. But if know you're caught up on your beauty rest, it's your makeup routine that may be keeping you from looking your best. But don't fret, these easy fixes are sure to revive your glow. 

Mistake #1: You don't start with a moisturizer.
Having dry skin won't do you any favors in the looking awake department.

The fix: Pick a moisturizer with added SPF. It not only adds much-needed hydration back into your skin, but it also protects you from sun damage, which—surprise!—also ages you.

Mistake #2: You apply foundation all wrong.
Wearing way too much, wearing none at all, or wearing a color that doesn't match your skintone are all big no-no's. Why? Skipping it completely while still adding other makeup (like mascara) can make your skin look washed out. And caked-up foundation (even in powder form) can crack and make wrinkles and imperfections appear so much worse.

The fix: Find a color that works for you and apply it evenly. If you're struggling to find your match, add a swipe along your jawline or hand—either will help you find a shade that blends into your skin.

Mistake #3: You forget about blush.
Lack of color equals dull and lifeless skin.

The fix: If you're going to wear any makeup at all, stick with a moisturizer, light coverage foundation, a bit of mascara, and a swipe of blush. Start on the apples of your cheeks, and apply toward your hairline. You'll look awake and refreshed in no time.

Mistake #4: You overdo the eyeliner.
If you wear too much, you eyes can appear smaller and more tired. Plus, deep black liners can exaggerate bloodshot eyes if you are actually lacking sleep.

The fix: Consider lining your lower lid with a lighter-colored pencil (pick one that is a shade darker than your skintone) to open up your eyes. Even a swipe of white can make you look more refreshed.

Mistake #5: You don't freshen up throughout the day.
Smudged eyeliner or uneven lipstick? An unkempt face screams that you need some zzz's.

The fix: Take a quick bathroom break (30 seconds is all you need) to remove any black smudges underneath your eyes, dab a bit of concealer on any trouble spots, and brush out your brows. It's the perfect beauty pick-me-up.

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