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Beauty Buys from Across the Globe

Whether it's that little blue Nivea tin or Labello lipgloss, finding an international beauty item while on vacation is like winning a treasure hunt.

1. Apivita Propoline Shampoo from Greece

This Mediterranean brand is popular for it's use of a simple, natural ingredient: honey! A longtime Grecian home remedy, honey is said to cure skin dryness and remove impurities with daily use. This shampoo does one better, by offering formulas for every type of hair from dry to oily. Best of all, you can order one of these sleek bottles right from their English website.

2. Cleo Vanilla Shower Cream from Italy

The vanilla scent and adorable pink and white bottle could explain why this product is an international best seller. However, there's more to this product than a fresh smell and cool bottle - Cleo contains an ingredient that the beautiful women of Italy have been using for years. The yogurt base in this soft shower cream is said to keep your skin looking more youthful and healthy with each use.

3. Natura Ekos Andiroba Exfoliant Soap with Linseed from Brazil

The miracle ingredient in this little body bar is Andiroba, a coarse, thick tree used for ages by Brazilian women as an anti-inflammatory. Combined with linseed, Brazilian peppertree, cedar, and nutmeg oils, it softens and exfoliates even the roughest skin.

4. Nivea Blue Tins from Germany

Yes, we've got tons of Nivea here in the states, but these slim containers fit so perfectly inside any traveler's backpack, carry-on luggage, purse or even your pocket. While it's the same exact lotion you'd get in a big ole' plastic tube from the drug store, the it-factor of this backpacker staple is the versatile shape and design.

5. Klorane Gentle Shampoo with Oat Milk from France

French women have been holding out on us for centuries. As a frequent ingredient in their baths, milk is known to soften the skin, while ground oatmeal is a staple in their exfoliation arsenal. Don't mistake the hypoallergenic ingredients in Klorane's Gentle Shampoo for anything other than a natural volumizer and totally pure, but effective, cleanser.

6. Labello Lip Balm from Central Europe

A cult favorite among fashionistas and globetrekkers alike, these chic tubes of lip blam come in many glossy flavors, like Velvet Rose, Milk and Honey, and Strawberry Kiss-Up.

7. Moa Green Balm from Iceland

A true DIY story, this Icelandic treasure started as a home operation passed down from grandmother to granddaughter, and now sells across the globe. The secret is slow growing herbs, like yarrow, combined with fresh arctic water for a 100% natural moisturizing and healing balm. Slather on rashes, severely dry skin, and dull hair for a quick fix.

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