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Kate Somerville's EradiKate Treatment Is On Sale for Prime Day

Overnight results at a deep discount.

eradikate prime day
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  • Dermatologists, editors, and celebs swear by Kate Somerville's EradiKate, a cult-favorite topical acne spot treatment.
  • Currently, Kate Somerville is offering 30 percent off the acne spot treatment for Amazon Prime Day.
  • Select other Kate Somerville products are also included in the promotion.

    Zit creams are one of the first beauty products most of us dance with as tweens—they're chalky, they stain your pillows, and the results are limited at best. Imagine if someone would have whispered in your ear from the future and said you'd still be on the hunt for an efficacious acne spot treatment as a grown ass woman? The search ends today. (And it's on major sale!)

    Kate Somerville EradiKate is the last spot treatment you'll need, for a variety of reasons. For starters, it doesn't contain benzoyl peroxide, the chalky white paste responsible for the bleached-out marks on your pillow and jammies. Instead, EradiKate relies on exfoliating and redness zapping salicylic acid, and a ten percent concentration of sulfur, which dissolves the dead skin cells that clog pores and cause breakouts in the first place. As New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner taught me back in the day, sulfur is a more elegant and gentler acne treatment ingredient, more suited to the subtleties of adult skin. (If you end up in a dermatologists office for an acne Rx, chances are you'll take home some kind of sulfur-based solution.)


    There's also a bit of zinc oxide, which works to absorb excess sebum naturally, keeping it from clogging up those pores. The result is a highly effective treatment that doesn't leave you skin parched, irritated, or angry. At $26, it's definitely more pricey than the zit creams of your youth, but thanks to Amazon Prime Day, it's only $18.20. Not bad for no blemishes.

    EradiKate Acne Treatment
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    The product is biphasic (like salad dressing, lol), so you simply shake it up, dab it on problem areas, and watch the clearing and healing begin. (Absolutely do not take my word for it. Check out the 3,000 reviews and images/testimonials from Sephora, if you're curious.) Most reviewers also rave about the alacrity of the product—overnight is a common term—which can't be quantified but is certainly welcome when you're suffering from an unsightly blemish. Also, many users also say the formulation helps heal and fade past acne scars, which tracks as it is a gentle exfoliant that kickstarts cell turnover. Happy healing—and saving!

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