Puppy Love: Aromatherapy Stuffed Animals?

It was a slow-package day at the office this week, with no new beauty products that really caught my eye. But then this little fuzzy wonder landed on my desk. A giant step above Pillow Pets (those plush toy/pillow hybrids sold at shopping mall kiosks), my Hot Dogs hottie pillow ($25, aromahome.com) looks like a scrappy schnauzer stuffed animal (there are also Westie, Labrador, and cocker spaniel models). BUT inside his (I've named mine Harry) tummy, there's a soothing lavender-scented sachet that gets activated (or reactivated — I can smell Harry and he's still in the box) when you stick him in the microwave. Yes, this hot dog is meant to be nuked.

And while I'm slightly disturbed by the "Use me as a cuddly hottie" and "I want to give you a warm cuddle" messages on the packaging, an aromatherapy stuffed animal is a brilliant idea — especially for fussy babies.

What's next, doggie perfume? Oh wait, they already make that.

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