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Garlic Lovers, Get Kissable!

Last week Crest and Oral-B took freshness to a new level by testing out their new Deep Clean products on one of the famous garlic-based recipes by Sunny Anderson, the Food Network's classic comfort chef. Anderson, host of

Cooking for Real, helped conduct an event where she taught a group of editors how to recreate her savory tartlet at home. After whipping up the recipe and indulging in the delicious garlic- and onion-heavy dish, the editors put the Complete Deep Clean line to the test.

The results are in: The comprehensive line of toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes blasted bad breath by completely eliminating any trace of garlic or odor and leaving our mouths feeling pristine!

The collection is unique in the sense that you can actually feel the products working even after you're done using them. The fast-acting bubbles create a tingling sensation that keeps breath fresh all day. With these products in your arsenal, you can in indulge in as many garlic-laced delicacies as you like and not have to worry about the aftermath. So go ahead and dig in!

Available at mass market retailers nationwide.

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