5 Tips to Make Your Blowout Last

Because your hair is your thing!

Want to get the biggest bang for your blowout buck? Nick Penna, Creative Director of Boston-based Be Styled blowdry lounge, has some simple tips to make your locks last.

While in the chair, ask for volume. Don't be shy to ask for additional oomph, it will be worth it by day three.

Avoid hair ties. Don't put your hair up in a ponytail with a tight elastic because it will cause a crease in your hair. If you must put your hair up, use a large clip and clasp it on top of your head.

Avoid moisture. Humidity and water are the blowout's biggest enemy. When you shower, be sure to use a shower cap to keep the moisture at bay.

Dry shampoo. It should be your new best friend, seriously. If you apply a generous amount it will help absorb oil and is an instant style refresherand smells amazing!

Don't touch your hair. We know how fabulous a blowdry feels once complete. However, let the style set and don't mess with it! Touching it too much will accumulate oil and can make your blow dry fall flat.

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