The 5 Best Beauty Brands That Are Also Really, Truly Inclusive

Our favorite hair, makeup, and skincare lines that are redefining beauty.

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We're gonna say it: The beauty industry has been slow as hell on the diversity thing (and by thing, we mean acknowledging that the world is not comprised solely of skinny, fair-skinned humans with straight hair). But as brands finally make major strides toward diversity (like featuring models with real bodies, full-range foundations, and natural hair products galore), one thing has become clear: Our favorite brands are those that actually formulate and rep their products with every skin tone, hair type, and identity in mind.

So to get you in on the great beauty awokening, and to help you shop smarter and love harder, we rounded up our five favorite beauty brands that not only crank out truly excellent products, but do it with inclusivity in mind. Check out their stories, ahead.

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1 Fenty Beauty

Have you tried #KILLAWATT yet? @sephora_spain

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We’re a bit biased when it comes to Rihanna (because Rihanna), so when the 29-year-old singer unveiled Fenty Beauty last year, we had ridiculously high expectations.

But with a whopping 40 foundation shades that cater to the lightest to the deepest, darkest complexions, as well as featuring models of all sizes, ethnicities, and identities, Rihanna has quickly established Fenty as arguably one of the most inclusive beauty brands of all time. And the thankfully, the industry is now following suit, meaning 2018 may be the year we say goodbye to 10-shade offerings of beige.

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2 Milk Makeup

Gone are the days of makeup being confined to a single gender norm—thankfully—and now brands like Milk Makeup are at the forefront of promoting beauty as a form of non-binary expression, rather than tagging along in the back.

Last year, the brand released its Blur the Lines campaign, which cast seven models of different gender identities and sexual orientations to debut the brand's signature holographic highlighters, shimmery, bold lips, and, of course, its overall badass aesthetic.

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3 Form

TFW when your curls are FINALLY on point (...on curl) 〰 #FORMBeauty

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Even though there is ~clearly~ no one-size-fits-all when it come to hair products, most haircare brands are still seriously lacking in their offerings for curls, as evident by the fact that a good majority of "for curly hair" shampoos are neither hydrating, nor gentle enough to actually benefit curly hair.

That’s where brands like Form come into play. With a range of cleansers, styling creams, curling gels, and heat serums, Form offers a slew of products that cater to your specific curl texture. Just take a survey about your current routine, preferred products, and hair aspirations, and Form will churn out a personalized regimen and care tips that will actually make your curls happy. Yes, this is the curl revolution.

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4 Sahi Cosmetics

We’ve already waxed poetic about our love for Sahi, but we're about to do it again, because a brand that breaks the mold of generic (read: lacking) shades for medium skin tones is one worth obsessing over.

Sahi offers all the basics you could need, including a line of super-pigmented eyeshadows, baked blushes, and creamy foundations, but the real draw is that each product has been formulated and tested to *truly* flatter medium hues (as well as light and dark complexions, because Sahi doesn't exclude) in natural, yellow, and green undertones.

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5 Glossier

BODY HERO @palomija

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One thing we can thank 2017 for is the body positive movement, which encouraged the world to show off stretch marks, ditch photo editing apps, and embrace bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Glossier, the Internet’s favorite low-key, minimalist skin-care and makeup line, is a beauty brand on the pulse of the movement, proving beauty doesn't refer to one size with campaigns that feature real women with real bodies. Oh, and their sheer, cult-favorite makeup products don't hurt, either.

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