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These Are the 15 Best Eyebrow Products of All Time (And I've Tried Everything)

Perfect brows do exist.

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My brows deserve their own memory book, because let me tell you, we've been through some stages. With my brows, there's been lots of good times, and a few bad times: my skinny-brow stage, mismatched-brow stage, and abnormally sharply arched brow stage. Oh, man. But I'm proud to share I've come out stronger, with the help of products, and now my brows are living their absolute best lives. Brow pencils, pomades, gels, primers, waxes—you name it, I've tried it.

I know the sticky gels to stay away from and the pencils that look like I've drawn a marker on my face. I also know the products worth raving about. Click through for the definite guide of the best eyebrow products of all time.

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Best for a Rainy Day
Brow Power Pomade™
IT Cosmetics itcosmetics.com

It's so sad when your brows melt off seconds after you step outside. Opt for this waterproof formula that will keep those little hairs locked in place, and sculpted with a gorgeous sheen. 

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Best for Patchy Brows
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
Anastasia Beverly Hills sephora.com

Your brows haven't lived their best life if they haven't been touched by this magic pencil yet. This ultra-fine pencil mimics the most natural-looking hair strokes to fill-in any sparse areas.

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Best for Skinny Brows
Boy Brow
Glossier glossier.com

This goes out to all my bushy brow lovers who don't mind their brows being the focal point of their face. This waxy formula will dress-up your brows with a rich depth of color to fake fullness.  

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Best for a Budget
Brow Down To Me Precision Brow Pencil
Joah Beauty cvs.com

If you feel sillly spending $20 on a tiny pencil, you're welcome for introducing you to the new drugstore dupe of your dreams. Available in six diverse shades, this micr0-tip blends like a breeze to achieve that fuller finish you're looking for. 

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Best for Foolproof Filling In
Precisely, My Brow Pencil
Benefit Cosmetics ulta.com

Ugh, I have this small bald spot on my brows that I'm convinced will never grow back. Thank goodness this precise pencil exists to focus on problem spots for detailed definition. 

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Best for On-The-Go
Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer Eyebrow Mascara
Maybelline New York amazon.com

I always say: "My brows are sisters, not twins"—feel me? Not everyone really has identical brows anyways, and when one of your sisters needs some necessary finessing to look as full as the other, a few quick strokes of this volumizing, fiber-filled formula will do the job. 

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Best for a Birthday Gift
Chocolate Brow-nie Cocoa Powder Brow Pencil
Too Faced ulta.com

This conveniently angled pencil to perfect your arch is made with cocoa powder and cocoa butter to nourish and condition your brow hair with antioxidants. It smells like chocolate, and what better brow combination could you ask for? 

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Best for Unruly Brows
Brow Tamer Grooming Gel
Marc Jacobs Beauty sephora.com

On those mornings when you just don't have time to tend to your brows, pass this grooming gel though each arch for a flexible hold. Promise, they won't feel crunchy or flakey after this dries down because of its water-based formula. 

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Best for Barely-There Brows
Brow Stylist Definer
L'Oreal lorealparisusa.com

This pencil arguably has the tiniest tip of the bunch. Take your mirror, get up-close-and-personal, and brush this through your brows in hair-like strokes for a natural look. 

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Best for Long-Term Brow Health
Legendary Brows Eyebrow Gel
Charlotte Tilbury nordstrom.com

This multi-bristle brush will cloak your brows in vitamin E and elasticizing wax to add some extra oomph. We all wake up with unruly brows, so keep this compact tube close for damage control. 

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Best for Boldness
COVERGIRL Easy Breezy Brow Sculpt + Set Pomade, 715 Honey Brown
COVERGIRL walmart.com

When I'm getting ready for a night-out, my brows are always the main attraction on my face. Using a light touch, I glide this rich pomade through the shape of my brows for more dimension, which instantly livens up my face. Then, I selfie. 

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Best for Any Brow Shape
Brow Blade Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil & Ink Stain
Urban Decay sephora.com

Doesn't a dual-ended brow bush sound like a gahdamn dream? Well, I can attest that this product shows my brows double the love. The ink-stained side gives my brows a naturally feathered look that the brand calls a faux micro-blading effect. The pencil fills in my problem spots.  

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Best for Day to Night
Browfection Stayput Brow Pencil
European Wax Center waxcenter.com

Rest assured that this pencil stays true to its name: it stays put. The long-wearing, creamy texture leaves behind a powder-like finish that'll give your brows a thee-dimensional dimensional look. 

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Best for Even Brows
Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil
Hourglass sephora.com

Gorgeously arched brows require precision, my friend, and you get that with a triangular tip like this. Work this through your brows to create a dense uniformity. 

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Best for Versatility
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel
Anastasia Beverly Hills sephora.com

If you're a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills cult-loved brow pomade, you'll die over this gel replica available in 11 shades. This takes the average pomade up a notch with a bolder, more unforgiving finish. 


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